Susie Schlehuber

Welcome to the 2021/22 School Year!

Dear LSA Family,

We are pleased to welcome you and your students to the 2021/2022 school year as part of the Choice family. Our staff has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of their students and cannot wait to learn and grow with them. As our school opens its doors next week, it is important for our families to be reassured that our school leaders, teachers and staff are motivated and energized to welcome your child back to a classroom seat.

Last year tested our resilient families and teachers with remote school, reduced socialization opportunities and created a major disruption to daily routines. No matter how your child was educated last year, homeschool, virtual, or in-person, they are welcome to our Lake Superior family. Regardless of where your child is in their educational journey, our teachers are ready to meet them where they are at. We promise to deliver a high-quality education that every student deserves and will work tirelessly to help ignite each child’s love for life-long learning.

We know this year may bring some bumps along the way and that’s why our schools place emphasis on building character each day. Our goal at LSA is to prepare our students to leave our school with a happy heart, an eagerness to learn and a strong foundation for success. We will instill perseverance and courage in school events, literature and writing activities. We will share compassion and responsibility with our families. Good judgment will be at the forefront of all that we do.

We, at Lake Superior, are confident that everyone can thrive here. To our returning families and to those of you just joining us, let’s have a strong school year full of focused learning!

In partnership,

Susie Schlehuber

Head of School