Little Traverse Conservancy Purchased 40 Acres Bordering LSA

On August 20, the Little Traverse Conservancy will officially have purchased a plot of 40 acres directly next to Lake Superior Academy! The Conservancy will partner with LSA for student service projects and exploration of the land year-round. This is exciting news for our school community as we had always hoped to explore more of our surrounding native land.

This partnership has already proven to bring amazing results for the students,” said Susie Schlehuber, LSA’s Head of School. “LSA shares not only an operational mission but a kindred spirit with the educational staff at the Conservancy… we want to introduce our local students to the beautiful environments that surround them and show them how to be good stewards of the resources we have given.”

The land will be used as a place where surrounding schools can come and explore many characteristics of Michigan’s landscape. There are a variety of vegetations, flowers and animals to discover. Not only will our LSA students get to utilize this land as frequently as we’d like, but our students will also learn firsthand how to take care of these ecosystems that surround us. The Conservancy has agreed to give our students direct access to the land from our school property, which makes for easy, daily adventures. 

Little Traverse Conservancy in collaboration with LSA, plans to put in boardwalks for easy exploration of the wetland areas as well as learning yurts that will be a space where students can go and learn about specific things like local flora and fauna. The Conservancy will be joining at the open house on Monday, August 31. They will host an information table for families to learn more about our partnership.