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Lake Superior Academy was Recently Reauthorized for 8 Years

Bay Mills currently authorizes 43 academies throughout Michigan, providing a quality education for approximately 19,000 students. They’ve authorized Lake Superior Academy from its beginnings in 2016, and have recently provided notice that they are approving an 8 year re-authorization!

Bay Mills Community College first became interested in the charter school movement when it realized that college students were ill prepared for basic college courses, and felt that the system was unable to meet the needs of not only Native students but non-Native students alike.

Principal Schlehuber and the board have done such incredible work to grow LSA and stay true to their mission. We are beyond proud of the passion, drive and every-day commitment to ensuring that our students experience a unique and one-of-a-kind learning experience. We look forward to 8 more fantastic school years with Bay Mills Community College, and for more updates like this, follow us on Facebook and keep up with our blog.

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