Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

The goal for establishing student drop off procedures is two-fold: the first goal is to preserve optimum conditions for instructional time for students and teachers. The second goal is to insure a safe environment for all students, kindergarten through grade three. To help this happen we have designed a drop-off and pick-up plan. Please follow the directions that are available in the main office and cooperate with our staff as they guide you to the correct location.

Student Drop-off Procedures: School begins at 8:00AM with drop off beginning at 7:30AM

Student Pick-up Procedures: School dismisses at 3:30 pm for all students. Students who participate in the after-school program will be dismissed at this time to move to the designated area for the after school activities. Families of students who will not participate in the after-school program are asked to sign-up for their preferred afternoon pick-up time, 3:00–3:15 or 3:15–3:30. Students will be released to authorized designees as the designees arrive inside the building. During this 30-minute pick-up time, the students will quietly complete Student Diaries, gather items to go home, and listen to the teacher read orally. For the child’s safety, a student will not be released to any person other than the parents or an authorized designee. If the person coming to pick up the child is not designated on the emergency card or “release of students” form, identity of the new person must be confirmed by written authorization. Telephone authorization will be accepted only in the case of an emergency.

Dress Code

Uniform Requirements:

  • Black bottoms: includes jeans, sweat pants, dress pants, shorts or skirts. No striping or writing – just plain black.
  • Tops: three color options – red, cobalt blue, evergreen.
    • Tops can be dress shirts, polos, t-shirts, sweatshirts or sweaters.
  • Shoes: There is no dress code for footwear. Rubber boots or snow boots for outdoor time and slippers for indoor work are suggested.
  • Uniforms do not have to be purchased from Lands End, but the colors need to be the same shade as the Lands End uniforms.
  • Uniform tops do not need to have the school logo applied. That is an option from Lands End if desired.
  • If you do wish to purchase through Lands End, our school number is: 900172628

Click here for the Lands End shop

Color Examples:

Social Media Privacy Guide

Social networking means opening up and sharing information online with others, but it’s important that children and parents alike use high security settings to ensure that only approved friends are seeing their information.

Our Social Media Privacy Guide helps you and your children select the highest security settings so that only approved friends can access your information. We take cyberbullying very seriously. It is our goal to educate all of our school families about internet and social media safety. If you suspect that your child may be experiencing cyberbullying, please contact your school administration immediately. Click here to download the guide.