November 17 Newsletter

November 16, 2017

Dear Parents:

Onomatopoeia and idiom are words you should be hearing from your children.  The youngers should know the word when they hear it, the middlers should be able to tell you the word when you give them the definition – what word is a noise, like Bang! and Crash! (onomatopoeia).  Or – what word is a saying that isn’t literal, like “That’s a piece of cake” or “Hold your horses.” (idiom) If you are a parent of an older, they should be able to spell, define and give examples of each.  We had a good time with both of these this week.

Your children were also introduced to tablature and four notes on the treble clef staff – middle c, d, e and g.  They were taught how to read these notes and find them on a keyboard.  We purchased a new keyboard that rolls up and is very easy to move around and use for group instruction.

As part of a grant from the Michigan Department of Education, we were given 50 pedometers and a few other items to help keep our kids moving through the cold weather months.  The students have started tracking their steps.  They will begin making reward necklaces to highlight the number of steps they are taking during the school day.  Sarah is beginning an afternoon hiking activity which will soon turn into an afternoon snowshoeing activity.  Cold weather won’t stop us from moving!!!

A Thanksgiving banner was added to our wall, and the students made leaves to decorate the banner with notes defining for what they are thankful.  It was great to see all of the thought that went into these.  Some of the notes said:

“I am thankful for my home because not all kids have a home.”

“I am thankful for my family.”

“I am thankful for my school and for my teachers.”

“I am thankful for love.”

“I am thankful for our staff and every family in our school!” (That was mine.)

School will dismiss at 11:30 on Wednesday, November 22 for the Thanksgiving break.  School will resume on the following Monday at the normal time.  I hope you are able to enjoy relaxing time and delicious food with those you love during this fall celebration.

With a thankful heart,


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