Lake Superior Academy and Our Little Leaf Nature Trail

At Lake Superior Academy, nature is a part of our everyday curriculum. Students walk through the doors ready to explore the world, and for us, that starts in our very own backyard! In collaboration with the Little Traverse Conservancy, more than 80 of our students participated in a project where they learned about the outdoors by spending time in nature.

A group of Lake Superior Academy students outside of the trail that they helped create.
Lake Superior Academy students pose outside of their new trail. Presented by Little Traverse Conservancy

Our students learned about reading animal tracks, being respectful to nature and reading poetry in the woods in a hands-on way. Lake Superior Academy students built a quarter-mile trail, mapping it and using tools to clear out their path. After clearing their very own trail, they mulched it, and lined it with lanterns to get it ready for the public.


The next day, they even added a custom-made sign, named by one of our very own students as the Little Leaf Nature Preserve. Officials from the Conservancy say that programs like this enable students to have pride in their work and appreciate the place they’ve helped create.

A picture of the newly established little leaf nature preserve at Lake Superior Academy
A picture of the entrance for our new nature trail at school. Presented by Little Traverse Conservancy

For more information on the Little Traverse Conservancy, including other programs for our students, visit their website here. Our families can access the trail through the school parking lot, and we look forward to seeing more smiling faces along the Little Leaf Nature Preserve soon.