Bay Mills Community College is committed to providing a quality education for urban, minority, and poor children by using innovative oversight methods to ensure students attending our academies are prepared to be career and college ready.

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They began with the realization that incoming college students were unable to graduate from high school ready for the challenges of either entering the work force or pursuing higher education. The educational system was unable to meet the needs of not only Native American students, but non-Native students alike. Bay Mills Community College decided that innovation would be key in meeting its vision; to assure a meaningful high school diploma for historically underrepresented children in Michigan.

Bay Mills Community College has a unique role in the charter schools movement. They are the only minority controlled statewide charter authorizers in the United States, and one of two tribally accredited community colleges in the state of Michigan. They understand the great responsibility that comes with this role. It is with great pride that the Bay Mills Community College Charter Schools Office (BMCSO), the Bay Mills Community College, and the Bay Mills Indian Community have taken on the responsibility to improve and expand the educational opportunities for at-risk children in Michigan. Seventy percent of students that attend academies authorized by Bay Mills are minority students, and most students also qualify for free and reduced lunch. Clearly, they have continued their initial focus of serving the underserved.

Currently, Bay Mills Community College authorizes forty-three (43) academies throughout Michigan providing a quality education for approximately 19,000 students. As a charter school authorizer, they are responsible for issuing charter contracts and providing the necessary oversight to ensure compliance with authorizer, state, and federal requirements. They recognize their academies for innovation in academics, finance, compliance and governance.



Bay Mills Community College (BMCC) first became interested in the charter school movement when it realized that college students were ill prepared for basic college courses and felt that the system was unable to meet the needs of not only Native students but non-Native students alike.

Since the beginning, BMCC has held a very unique position as the only minority college authorizer in the United States and as the only authorizer not subject to the charter school cap. BMCC has endured many biased obstacles and bureaucratic hurdles.

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